Top-7 Zero Investment Ideas for Earning


This is an era of ideas; in today’s world you are no more required to do labor to earn your bread and better. No matter what your age, ethnicity, location, or expertise are, you always have options to make money online. Whether you are a student, a single mother, a house wife, or someone looking for part time work, you can start your journey with a little homework and directed efforts. Although, the field is full of fake platform, Ponzi schemes and get rich quick networks, never fall for them. Here are the 7 best ways you can make money today without investing:

1.YouTube: YouTube is the most visited website after Google with the daily views over billion. If you are creative enough to make video content, you don’t need to go door to door to prove your skills. Just make a channel and publish quality content, its as simple as creating a Facebook profile. You can earn a handsome passive income if your videos are being watched, from YouTube monetization. You don’t need any sophisticated equipment to begin with, just turn on your mobile’s selfie camera and upload your first video.

2.Become a Social Media Influencer: There are several platforms waiting for the start of your starry career. If you are good at entertaining people, then think about becoming a social media influencer. Active usage of social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok has changed lives of many. It is a good way of developing an audience and become popular among the general public. The opportunities are endless in this field.

3.Become a Freelancer: Freelancing is the best way to sell your skills while sitting at home. There are several credible websites like Fiverr, Upwork etc. where you can make your profile and offer your skills to an unlimited number of buyers from across the globe. Freelancing is a great way to work independently and flexibly with convenience. Again, if you ensure quality, you can earn way more than your traditional office job.

4.Blogging and E-books: If you are good at transforming your thoughts into words, then blogging is the right option for you. You can write blogs on a variety of topics and once your public reach hits an optimum level you can earn money from Google AdSense by putting ads on your content. E-books are also a great way of passive income for people with good writing skills. Amazon Kindle E-books are being sold even higher than the hard form books.

5.Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing has a lot of potential for people with the good public dealing skills and no investment. Rather than investing in your own business, or developing a product with a risk of failure, you can work as a promoter for other brands and get a profit on sales. There are several platforms that offer affiliate marketing including Amazon, E-bay, Facebook etc.

6.Online Teaching: If you are good at something, simply earn by sharing the knowledge with others. Online teaching has gained immense value in recent years due to COVID. You can create a customized course and earn online by selling it or you can also offer trainings to the relevant community.

7.Virtual Assistant or Digital Marketing: You can offer your assistance to people who need it or manage the social media platforms, communications, feedback, and perform research for a company, by serving as a virtual assistant. You can also learn digital marketing skills and work for the brands to increase their reach and sales.

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